It's mid-August now, which means it's time for everyone to talk about "the weather we'll be having soon enough" and throwing "summer's not over 'til we say it is!"-themed parties.* Well you know what? Why don't you just shut up and enjoy it—no, wait. Shut up and let everyone else enjoy it. Cuz you know it's going to be beautiful through September, and as you'll recall, it starting getting beautiful way the hell back in April. Seriously. Don't fear the weather.

Despite whatever sensitivities I may or may not have, Bridge & Burn has just released the lookbook for their new 2013 fall collection, which according to B&B maestro Erik Prowell, features "some amazing new outerwear styles, a great selection of knits, and some colorful prints for women." You may enjoy them in full over on MOD.

  • Jon Duenas

*Actual Facebook invite I got half an hour ago. I'll probably go.