The schedule for the 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival is up, which means you can start planning how you're gonna navigate the packed weekend now.

Things that jump out:

James Adomian is headlining a showcase of queer comedians called "The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name," and he's also on a Spicy News showcase.

One of the performers I walked away from last year's fest most impressed by was Baron Vaughn, and this year he's hosting two showcases of all-black comics including Reggie Watts and two of my favorite locals, Curtis Cook and Nathan Brannon.

The Merc-sponsored local talk show Late Night Action with Alex Falcone snagged a nice lineup of special guests for their Bridgetown show, including the wonderful Aparna Nancherla and fest founder Andy Wood.

Voodoo Donughts Recording, the "world's leading doughnut-based recording company," is throwing a show to celebrate the release of a split 7-inch from Ian Karmel and Nathan Brannon. I have a copy of said 7-inch on my desk. The sleeve is pink and the record itself is custard-colored. Pretty good, guys. Pretty good.

There's way, way more, of course. Dig in!