The similarities between Right-Wing extremists here and overseas are closer than you think. Wrapped in a flag and holding the bible, Arkansas GOP State Legislator Charlie Fuqua actually endorsed the death penalty to discipline rebellious children. Compare that to the recent attack on the little Pakistani girl by the Taliban. Compare the two and I challenge anyone to show me the difference. Oh, the Right-Wing will make excuse after excuse for their own, all the while holding pretty much the same beliefs as the religious extremists in other countries, such as the Taliban. And don't even try the "oh, it's just one GOP politician who believes that", for let us not forget Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry and the Right-Wing's biggest liar, Mitt Romney. Obviously is the most extreme example of their similarities. They also are very similar in their disdain of separating church and state, their oppression of women and their love of an authoritarian government. (the Right loves to be told how to think and what to believe) All Religious NUTS and very scary and I really don't know why the American Right hates the Taliban, because they have so much in common with them. Seriously, think about it.