Where you live gives you nothing. The fact that you know of a restaurant, that you eat at a restaurant, that you tell others first, doesn't mean a damn thing. Your knowledge of streets and directions ain't worth two nickels in a clammy palm. The fact that you voice your opinions on policy and procedure warms my shit about one degree. We live in a place surrounded by people. Most of which have some need. Old, hungry, lonely, disturbed, addicted, sad. They are the real city. The question is: what have you DONE? Fuck your politics, fuck your taxes, fuck your "im a good friend, or family member," fuck your "im not hurting anyone" bullshit; where are you AT? Until you are someone to the strangers in this place, you are not a part of the city, you are a long-term tourist. Hawaiian shirtin'. And Fanny Packin'.