SW Main & 5th Today. Look, I've dealt with worse. Others have been ruder, more annoying, and highly aggressive. You had that fake clipboard and smile plastered to your face and one of pre-rehearsed lines locked and loaded.

No I don't want to shake your fucking hand dude!!! I shake your hand, and I've shaken hands with everyone you've shaken hands with. It's fucking gross. In a sea of needbags, otherwise known as downtown PDX, you're no different than the bums that verbally accost people on a daily basis. Oh, but you have a cause right? I don't give a shit.

And your female partner sneering at me as I politely said, "I don't shake hands," well she can go fuck herself. 45 minutes before this encounter, I watched a bum yell obscenities at some folks who ignored her plea for coffee on the very same corner. What's the difference between you two and her? You both have agendas. You both come off as friendly and polite. And you both cop an attitude when people don't give a shit about what you want.

Go work over across from City Hall where all the degenerates have decided to squat and leave the productive people alone so that they can produce. The so-called non-profit you're working for is only spending pennies on the dollar for the alleged cause you represent. Most of the money goes to paying employees, marketing materials, etc. If you really do care about helping children across the world, join the fucking Peace Corps. Peace out!!!