So I see that Matt Bors' comic (a comic I usually enjoy) in the back of the new Mercury tackles that sorry excuse for something to be indignant about this time of year: the fact that those oh-so-mistreated Walmart, et al. employees have to work on Thanksgiving.

As if those employees didn't choose to work there. As if those employees can't quit if they don't like their schedule. And where are all the sad songs about the plight of the gas station attendants having to work? Or the cops? Or the button-pushers at the TV and radio stations? Or the employees of Thai restaurants? Or the camera dudes that have to cover the games you get boners for?

I get that the shopping spree on Thanksgiving/Black Friday is utter madness (not to mention, embarrassing), and the last job I would want to have on days like those is a retail one. But how about blaming all of the customers instead? How can you blame the suits at these big companies for simply supplying the demand that they created by playing us all like a fiddle?

Cry about slavery. Cry about rape. Cry about people getting maimed and/or killed by inattentive drivers. But don't cry about people having to do what they voluntarily signed up for. Waaahhhhh, fucking waaahhhhh.