Eight years ago, I was eight years younger, and I made stupid decisions subsequently under the influence of your fake ass bullshit lies!
Here we are 5 years later, with a son who we co-parent, 60%mom 40%dad. Just recently I found out that you have our son “in school” – for lack of a better word “fucking daycare” on your days off. When I found out about this, you tried to convince me he’s in preschool. I appreciated your convince in the beginning, until you let him bring something home with his name on it, in his hand writing, and it was fucking spelt WRONG!
Today our 5 year old was in surgery, because of a broken arm. He fell off the monkey bars at 10am last Thursday, which just so happen to be 55* high that day. Your “preschool” allowed our son to go outside while dew was still on the ground. They allowed him to play on slick wet monkey bars, which was the culprit of him flinging himself to the fucking ground. He had two pins put in his arm today, just to regain mobility as it heals so he can still continue to be a functioning child. Now OUR separate insurance companies wants to reach out to your “preschool” and investigate. They want to make sure they are not paying a liability that doesn’t belong to them, and you’re mad at me for it. If it comes back that they do NOT pay for my son’s broken arm; I am going to sue the fuck out of these bastards for placing my son in harm’s way. Who allows a 3’7 little man to play on wet monkey bars when he can’t even reach the ground?