Dear Apathetic Bureaucrat at Child Protective Services - Thank you for informing me that tethering your six month old baby and his toddler brother into a bike carrier with some scraggly rope, then adorning said carrier with cardboard signs asking for money on MAX and around Pioneer Square, is NOT child abuse. Thank you for advocating for the lovely father as opposed to his helpless kids by giving him the benefit of the doubt and speculating that the 'family' just needed a little extra money. Thank you for telling me that there was nothing you could do without the name and address of the shirtless, spineless dad, who was oh-so-approachable whilst yelling at his giant 'working' junkyard dog. Yes, it was clearly a 'working' dog, as the dad dubbed it, not another abused creature being used to get money from strangers. It obviously had papers and was safe to bring around everyone else's children on the MAX, merely adding to the pile of fleas already falling off the guys' kids. I might be a privileged white bitch, who loves her kid enough not to pimp her sweet smile out for dough, but even the trashiest Greshamite on the train agreed this shit was a travesty. Fuck you for sitting on your fat, overpaid ass while two little kids' lives are being ruined.