Listen, I don't have time to wait or to even receive 70 dollars as change when I gave you a hundred and I purchased a 10 dollars Item. Don't give me that it's good for the neighborhood bullshit because your next room neighbor in parcel probably owns more than one yacht, and I want my full money! I spend 70 dollars in the blink of an eye. If you don't comply I am gonna call my dad, the bad ass Concentration Camp Nazi Killer Survivor 7.1" in height who will suck the soul right out of your piece of shit milk and coffee server. Then my mom will probably turn the whole block on you like his son is doing right now. One after another. And my brother has a mind that can carry this out without a hint in the air. You have a lot of nerve telling an 8 year old you have no change and that for his 100 dollars and a 10 purchase cut up to 70 dollars. I didn't sleep in my classroom in the weekends to come home to this. Neither my 84 old neighbor whom I was tight with worked till the day of his death for my 8 year old son to deserve your late treatment. He's only going to get worse! He invited him a Centurion playthingie action figure like his and he is gonna get it because he agreed!