I’m sorry that they are doing construction. I’m sorry that there is a flagger controlling traffic for both us and oncoming traffic, and we have to share the same lane while construction is taking place. I’m sorry my little car doesn’t have mud flaps. I’m sorry that there is an abundance of small loose gravel all over the road. I’m sorry that as you slowly ride downhill in a construction area, that gravel is being thrown at your whole entire body, by every fucking passing car. I’m sorry that I’ve seen this happening to you every day for the past two weeks. I’m sorry that you don’t take a different route because violently pitched gravel to the head with no helmet on FUCKING SUCKS. I’m sorry that flinging your arms back and forth to protect your body from flinging gravel isn’t working. I’m sorry that your flinging arms made you bite ass this morning. I’m sorry that as you got up you yelled “fuck all of you, stop and just let me go first.” I’m sorry that the flagger pulled you aside as he continued to let traffic through.

BUT, I am proud of you for pushing the flagger dude aside, grabbing the Toyota's truck bed (right fucking in front of me) and scaling down the rest of the hill using the truck bed as a shield. Because that was fucking awesome.

I have some left over packing bubble wrap, I'll take it to my car for you. See you in the morning I'm sure.