For years I've seen the way you saunter into Portland's many establishments waving your big dick credit account around thinking it grants you the key to our city like some fucking playground made JUST FOR YOU solely for the purpose of you "impressing" clients from out of town. Guess what? You're all a bunch of dicks. You've got money to spend? great! So do the rest of the people in those establishments- people who haven't made it off of the backs of sweat-shop workers, people trying to go out, have a good night, a decent meal, a good conversation.. BUT NO. No one has a good time when you bombard establishments with your shitty groups of raging dick wads so full of entitlement that you feel compelled to alienate customers and staff alike with your big fat egos. And when you don't get everything exactly how you want it, regardless of an establishment's policy, you feel the need to wave your Nike flag around like you're king shit of fuck mountain. Too bad you can't spend some of that blood money on buying yourselves some human decency or an ounce of class.

And shame on you, Portland for letting these fucks get away with it for so long.

Fuck you, Nike. Fuck you in your stupid shitty coke-rage-filled faces. Die in a fire, already.