All this time you’ve been thinking I’m a butch dyke with big tits. You’re right that I’ve got big uns, but I’m a trans guy. That hot woman at the table? The one hot even by your standards?

She’s my date. And when you address our table with “do you ladies want another drink?” you are fucking up the nice thing we have going. You are fucking up the nice thing that you’ve *helped* us get going due to your excellent service and pleasant manner. (I’d say you’re cock blocking but that’s not quite what you’re doing. More like cock shrinking. If my cock could get smaller.)

I get that there’s no way you can tell a butch woman from a trans man, not with all the shit you have to notice and remember.

So all I’m asking (and I tip well — a minimum of 20% after tax) is for you to err on the side of NOT calling me a lady.

Just pretend we’re a straight couple. “Would you two like more sliders?” works just fine. So does “Ok! I’ll be right back with the check.”