Although you name yourself a "Tex Mex" restaurant, I think you are misleading people. It is upsetting that people come to your restaurant having never tasted Tex Mex, only to come out accepting your twisted version of what it is. Coming from Texas and having lived in Oregon for 6+ years, your restaurant is the direct consequence of what happens when an Oregonian decides to make "Tex Mex" having never been to Texas. What you are doing is the equivalent of wearing a Bob Marley shirt and claiming to be an expert on Africa. Who serves mashed potatoes with Mexican food?! Certainly not any respectable institution in Texas. We know better - we have an actual Mexican population who would impale us with our own grill tongs for committing such a crime. And who's decision was it to put barbeque sauce on tacos?! Fire that person. With a gun. And then burn all the influential restaurants he has worked with in the past. If you do decide to change your menu, please do so after replacing your entire kitchen staff. And do so carefully. There are fast food joints in Texas that do better Tex Mex than you.

Missing Tex Mex