Hello there all people big and small. Okay, you do know what an insecurity is, right? Everyone has them, whether they choose to hide them or not. I know also there are assholes looking for attention. But guess what?! Just because you are a size 14, or wtf ever size you are, I DON'T FUCKING CARE! Yes according to the single, small digit on my pants, I should not complain according to you, but just because YOU think I'm "skinny", doesn't mean you can call me names, and threaten to kick my ass, because somehow my insecurities are "insulting" you. Especially at the times you evesdrop on conversations between friends and I. See, I don't give a rats ass what size you are! But getting all mad and puffing out your feathers because we "skinny" people have REAL FUCKING BODY ISSUES is not fair. I won't even wear a bikini, but you will, so guess who has more body confidence?!