Hi. Please do not build your development on Thurman Street. I live on Thurman Street in NW Portland. I have a car. You don't care, I'm sure, but I enjoy parking by my house. Your proposed 55 unit dormitory with no parking is unwise. Have you been to Portland, recently? Lots and lots and lots of empty condos. I suggest you keep your development to yourself, in Seattle. Why does Seattle ALWAYS try and start drama with Portland; when Portland just wants to chill, in their comfy 1907 home, two cats in the yard, fire in the fire place, BEING REAL MELLOW, Seattle busts in, throws a full beer can in Portland's face, tears down their house and screams "welcome to my DORM, SISSY BOY!"Always tryin' to start some shit. Well now you have a choice. Thanks for listening. Your compliance would be soooooo great. Also the ground settlement that would occur from your excavation to either neighboring house would be very detrimental to the foundation of your neighbors homes. You say you would like to be a good neighbor. I hope you never get to find out how the laundromat across the street smells weird, often. I found a catheter wrapper on the sidewalk in front of my house the other day. Very strange, very spooky. Thanks!