Who watched last night's FX premiere of The Americans (Wednesdays, 10 pm)? Did you love it? I kind of loved it! I'm mentally unprepared to do a full recap, but I'll squirt out a few spoilery thoughts after the jump... and pipe in with your own opinions, whydon'tcha?

Not now, honey... Im busy making dinner for our young imperialist dogs.
  • Courtesy FX
  • "Not now, honey... I'm busy making dinner for our young imperialist dogs."

So here's what I'm thinking (in brief):

1) The story involves two KGB spies posing as husband and wife in suburban American during the Reagan Cold War '80s. Starring Kerri Russell (FELICITY!!!) and Matthew Rhys (not FELICITY!!! but that guy from Brothers and Sisters), the pair kick off the series in sexy, violent style. Felicity gives a hum job to a government official to extract info while hubby is off chasing down and beating the shit out of a Russian defector. Unfortunately the job goes bad, and they end up having to keep the defector in the trunk of their car in the garage! OH, AND DID I MENTION THEIR TWO ADORABLE KIDS HAVE NO IDEA THEY'RE GODDAMN COMMIE ROOSKIES.

2) It's a pretty fascinating premise—especially when they explore the pair's very weird marriage which is not based so much on love, but rather a strained devotion to their kids and the motherland. It gets really uncomfortable when hubby infers that Felicity should have sex with him so it doesn't blow their cover.

3) And since it's set in the early '80s there's tons of groovy music from Phil Collins, and Fleetwood Mac (Tusk!), and they still use adorable things like giant tape recorders and fax machines!

4) It's also very sexy, smart, and filled with Felicity doing very un-Felicity-like things... did I really just hear her say, "Haven't you ever had a girl stick her finger up your butt?"

5) I LIKE THIS SHOW! And after such a barn burner of a debut, it's definitely getting a coveted season's pass on my DVR. WHAT DID YOU THINK?

Quickly! We must catch moose and squirrel!
  • Courtesy FX
  • "Quickly! We must catch moose and squirrel!"