Someone once said FUCK DOLLAR RENTAL. I concur whole heartedly. Long story short they're thieving, deceitful, street urchins. I rented a car from two weeks ago and left a camera in a car. I call, they say they'll check the car. They rent the goddamn car out instead! They say IF WE DONT' FIND IT WE DON'T FIND IT. Thanks a lot you philanthropic fucktards. But wait, someone finds my camera and calls me! My camera ends up in my hometown of all places, but the person is coming back to Portland will return my camera. They return my camera to Dollar and then I call Dollar. THEY SAY THEY DON'T FUCKING HAVE IT. The next day? They call and say they do! I go to get the camera, memory card is gone. Goodbye sweet memories, may you rot in hell with all Dollar Rental employees at the airport.