To the obnoxious trio of suburban moms and their 2-3 kids each on the Blue Line Friday night- the Max is NOT a jungle gym. I take the train every day and cringe every time a gaggle of WASPs and their brood get on at Washington Park, because I know you aren’t taking this shit because you have to. It’s an adventure! There’s a tunnel! Jimmy likes trains! Yay! But guess what? The handles aren’t monkey bars, the seats aren’t trampolines, the aisles aren’t your playground. So ladies, please take three seconds in between taking selfies for Facebook (#zoolights) to tell the Future Assholes of America that they need to be respectful in public places. That there are other people in the world who use the Max as their only form of transportation, not just as a substitute for the Small World ride at Disneyland. So do us all a favor and #drivenexttime.