For a city that loves to drink, boasts about drinking and defends people's right to drink, ya'll are a bunch of whiners when it affects you personally. From parked cars being hit, to a bicyclist getting run over, to drunk bums shitting in public, when the reality of the ABUSE of alcohol consumption hits home, you people are the first to cry foul. Food carts have the RIGHT to serve booze, the neighboring community be DAMNED! Malt liquor should be sold EVERYWHERE and to ANYONE, naysayers be doubly damned! You people embrace it, partake in it, but when it comes down to the brass tax, when it comes to the reality of the situation: boo fucking hoo. I don't hear anyone crying over people getting killed by drunk drivers, as long as both parties were behind a steering wheel. Who cares about that, right? None of you stand up for that type of MURDER. But, when it infringes on your Left-leaning, pot-smoking, Obama-supporting, viewpoint that the world must live like you do, then the shit is an end all to fucking beat all end alls. Murder is murder, you fucking freaks. Deal with it and ya'll best not be frontin' about differentiating the shit. Straight up cold pimping with a dose of reality, muthafuckas.