If you drive on a bike boulevard and a) tailgate the hell out of cyclists* while practically giving off audible psychic waves of frustration and rage (this is extra "fun" for cyclists while they're chugging up steep hills, like the ones going east on Clinton Street) or b) do that thing where drivers make a big show of swerving waaaaay out into the other side of the street to get around cyclists, thus endangering anyone coming the opposite way...why? Why do you do this? You can't possibly argue that you don't know better when there are big-ass bikes painted in reflective paint right on the asphalt every damn half-block. I mean, I know perfectly well that the bike streets are appealing to non-cyclists because of the lack of stop signs, but that lack isn't for YOUR benefit. If you're going to insist on being in one of the very few places where bikes are given priority, you kind of give up the right to get huffy about them. If you don't like having to share the road, there are major streets all around you! Drive on one of those! Driving on a street clearly marked as being for bikes because there are fewer lights and signs to slow you down and then getting pissy when the cyclists slow you down instead and expressing it by driving in an intimidating and aggressive manner is ridiculous!

*One car-length is not necessarily sufficient when one is following a cyclist while behind the wheel of a vehicle which could crush them in a heartbeat, fyi.