It costs money to live in the city. Why is that so hard for people to understand? If you're homeless, one option is to thumb it east and work in the fields of the Heartland. There you can work on farms for room and board and be out in nature. Coooooooooooooool. When you're in the city and broke, you don't have any other choice but to rely on others. Unless you really don't want to work at all. Then, you're kinda fucked. But that isn't a problem for society (unless you are severely incapacitated). That is your problem. If you think you're ever going to find a nice studio apartment close-in or downtown for anything less than $500 to live the dream alone, you're fucking crazy. So who do you blame? The building owners? The realtor? Mitt Romney? Buddha? Ryan Gosling? McDonalds? Nike? I like to blame people who don't get the fuck off their ass and compete in the real world. I have zero ambition to help those who continually refuse to help themselves. I've seen people with Down Syndrome holding down a job. Lower your sights a little and get a good wind. Just don't sit between Pioneer Square and Pioneer Place on the sidewalk harassing tourists and daily workers for change. Get in the ring and start swingin' Tony Robbins won't tell you that shit but I will.

You're welcome.