The Ella Street Social Club is closing its doors on December 16, bringing a close to several years of live shows (not to mention its many years as the Towne Lounge prior to that). But it's not the end of the space's incarnation as a venue, as new owner Samuel Thomas is taking over the space and reopening it as Shiny Music Hall. Thomas is responsible for putting on the Portland Queer Music Festival each summer, and although he told Just Out that it won't be exclusively a gay bar, Thomas says: "Ha, it will be about as gay as I am! I mean, I want to make a space that is truly all inclusive, something for the LGBTQ community as well as our allies and people who want to discover great new music and relax in a comfortable space."

Thomas has his aim on doing something new in the Portland nightlife scene, as his fundraising video suggests—something that encompasses both live music and dance nights, with perhaps other kinds of performance as well. While he has the money to take over the existing space and register the new "Shiny" name, he's raising funds to upgrade the venue, including the seating, the PA, and the restrooms. More details on the fundraiser over on Indiegogo. The hope is for Shiny Music Hall to open its shiny new doors in January.