Tomorrow night at Blitz's Pearl District location, Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company will be in town to celebrate the release of the 11th of their "12 Beers of the Apocalypse," which they've been releasing monthly all year round. November's beer is a sour called the "MORTIS Persimmon Sour Ale" and it'll be available on tap starting tomorrow night at Blitz, with a release party from 5-8 pm.

You won't be able to buy 'em, but at the event Elysian will have 22oz bottles of all 12 of their Apocalypse beers on display—notable because Seattle artist Charles Burns did the labels for the limited-edition bottles, produced in conjunction with Seattle comics publisher Fantagraphics. (The images are taken from his creepy, excellent graphic novel Black Hole.) I'm not one to decorate my home with booze bottles, but I've got a couple of these squirreled away at home—you can find 22oz bottles of the new release at Belmont Station, John's Market, the Portland Bottle Shop, most Whole Foods locations, and other places fancy beer is sold.

In conclusion... Portland, why the hell have we not seen a high-profile teamup of a brewery and a comic book artist? I can't believe Seattle beat us to this one. I want to see Ben Dewey's Tragedies series on bottles of Alameda Brewing's beer, reminding me every time I morosely crack a beer that hey, things could be worse.