Multidisciplinary artist Emily Katz, whether working in apparel design or fiber art—her two most frequented mediums, along with music, poetry, food, and beyond—has been feeling a somnambulant, balletic vibe lately, expressed in layers of pale tulle and linens marked with the erratic narratives of freehand embroidery. Her latest is art of the hang-able sort, a show called "In Dreams" at the OG Stumptown on SE Division (4525 SE Division, to be specific). In it she describes an experimental process of "cutting out shapes and forms, faces, and hands. Cutting them out of the bigger picture and displacing them. Sometimes dreams feel that way, you are in one place and it is beautiful, and then immediately you are somewhere else, with no explanation." The results are very pretty:

  • Emily Katz

breaking away from the First/Last Thursday/Friday etc. crowds, Katz is having an opening reception for the new work this coming Sunday from 4-6 pm, offering something soothing for the caffeinated southeast crowds to calm themselves.