If you haven't checked out Erik's article for Wired (The Best Movies You Didn't See in 2012), please do—it's a well written and informative OPINION piece reflecting his OPINIONS and does not claim to be the "best" OPINIONS, or the same as anyone else's OPINIONS.

Look... I get it. The media writes these now-tedious "Best of..." whatever lists, and it's your job as a reader to immediately leap into the comments and squeal, "I can't believe you forgot or were wrong about...". HOWEVER, don't assume for one second that the rest of the world isn't also rolling their eyes at what YOU said, or that your opinion isn't as dumb as Erik's... because believe me, IT IS. At least as dumb, if not, in most cases, dumber. And PRO TIP: If you're going to take the risk and sound dumb, at least don't take on an "attitude" while doing it. It makes the rest of us laugh at you even harder. Like this shit-lip for instance:


Oooooooh! Aren't you all fancy-pantsy, Matt Langdon. You just insured I will NEVER see any of these movies—because you're a pompous dummy donkey plop. And in my OPINION, you just topped the list of terrible dummy donkey plops who commented on this piece. And there are a ton of them.

Now where was I? OH YEAH! Read Erik's piece—in my OPINION, his OPINIONS are at least 85-94 percent correct.