"Kurt Russell, such an honor to work with..." Vin Diesel posted on his amazing Facebook page, along with an image of Russell from the next Fast & Furious movie—confirming that, yes, just in case you had any doubt that Fast Seven will be anything less than phenomenal, don't worry, because here is photographic proof that Kurt Russell will be in it.

True, that isn't much to go on, but it's enough. Kurt Russell's always the greatest—be it in The Thing or Escape from New York or Death Proof or, hell, Sky High—but I'm in a Miracle mood today. Let's watch this together, and think about Kurt Russell. Let's think about what it will be like when Kurt Russell is in a Fast & Furious movie. Let's get excited. Let's all try to dress just a little bit more like Kurt Russell in this clip. Let's believe in something. No—let's believe in someone. Let's believe in Kurt Russell.

U-S-A! U-S-A! What? Yeah, you're totally right, we need more Kurt Russell, ASAP!