There I was, at the Apple store, getting ready to upgrade my Macbook. My girlfriend had bought me a $400 gift certificate and I was ready to go. I decided upon getting more gigabytes and upgrade my iPhoto, Garageband, etc... it was a package deal. As you may have guessed from that last sentence, I'm not techie. In fact, I really don't know how computers even work, all I did know was that I wanted more gigs and I wanted a better Garageband, fuck the rest but I got it anyway. (package deal) The "Macologist" sold me two software packages containing two CD's for the Garageband, iPhoto... etc, and told me how to install them. (Gigs installed in-store) I went home, installed the first disc and it went off without a hitch. Done. I inserted the next disc and again, it went off without any issues. Great! My Macbook is upgraded, the old girl is humming again and I'm happy. The next day, I try to burn a disc and some shitty error window comes up. I take it back to the store and they tell me that I shouldn't have installed both discs one after the other because I WARPED the laser on the CD drive. What?! That fucking "Macologist" never told me to not install both at the same time! Listen Apple, please treat me LIKE A CHILD when I come into your store. Your employees have the 'holier than thou' attitude anyway, so hold my hand and explain to me EVERY FUCKING STEP. Unlike baristas, wait-staff and video rental clerks, you treating me like an idiot would have been MUCH APPRECIATED.