It seems I have become in the emotion I’ve come to identify as love with you. Though I think that what I call love is really just obsession, but I think that it’s important that I identify that with love. In all honesty, I don’t think I could truly love anyone, beyond the obsession. Nothing I do is going to be long term right now, I won’t start anything that lasts because I don’t love myself and I don’t really know what romantic love is. I know what it feels like when I want to say I’m in love. But I also know that if that’s what love is, people wouldn’t be chasing after it. If that’s what love really is, then love is a myth in my opinion. But I need the connection, need to feel like I could say love. What I want is a connection with a guy that we both know won’t last, but that is intensely emotional till it’s over. What I want is hot, passionate sex that belongs in a dirty romance novel. When you’re ready to be Mr. Right Now, give me a call.