Why all this bitching about teens/millennials being glued to their smartphones and not "interacting" or aware of their surroundings? Every week some old-fart reporter/pundit bemoaning the damage to society from our young peoples's "addiction" to this "new and powerful" technology.

From my experience, and especially where I work, it is people over about 55 who are the stumbling, mouth-breathing, retards blocking doorways and looking over their bifocals presumably at some Ziggy cartoon or some Obamacare chain-email on their iPhone.

Table of teens/early 20's at cafe sitting next to me? All checking their phones intermittently and laughing and talking to one another; dropping in and out of conversation. Two older couples at same table? Silence and open mouths staring at phones for an entire fucking hour. Can't even acknowledge the waitress when she's asking if they'd like anything else.