Golden Retriever, cats.
Golden Retriever, the Portland-based duo of modular synth player Matt Carlson and bass clarinetist Jonathan Sielaff, are due to release their second album for the esteemed Thrill Jockey label. Seer is a five-track exploration of the weird sonic world Carlson and Sielaff inhabit, which at varying times can be challenging, unsettling, and gorgeous, embracing both improvisation and American experimental electronic music traditions.

Seer comes out on LP on March 25 and is available for pre-order here. It was recorded over two years at Worksound with much time spent on the editing process after initial composition. The opening track, "Petrichor," is already among their most challenging work:

“Petrichor” shows Carlson using an 11-limit just intonation system and can, if listened to at a significant volume, create otoacoustic emissions: the generation of new resonance within the inner-ear as a rectification of two perfectly toned and opposing frequencies. The use of this phenomenon as musical material was pioneered by Maryanne Amacher in her sound installations of the 70s and 80s.
Wuh. I don't know what "otoacoustic" means, but yeah, it's pretty far out. I'll post the album cover and track list after the jump. Meanwhile, here's a video of Golden Retriever performing at the Thrill Jockey anniversary show at Mississippi Studios back in November 2012, during which they performed Seer's "Sharp Stones" and "Flight Song."


Out March 25 on Thrill Jockey; pre-order here.

1. Petrichor
2. Sharp Stones
3. Archipelago
4. Flight Song
5. Superposition