Al Jazeera, Meet the USA: Arab news giant Al Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV, aiming to expand into US markets.

India Prosecutes Suspected Gang Rapists: The surprising, massive protests against the government's treatment of rape victims and cases in India has fast-tracked the prosecution of five men accused of gang rape.

The Rich Got Richer: What Recession? In 2012, the richest 100 people in the world got $241 billion richer.

Hooray Diverse Congress! Today Congress swears in its first openly bisexual representative (who's also its first "religiously unaffiliated" member), its first Hindu representative, and 24 women.

Drone Attack Kills Someone Who's Not a Civilian: In a change of pace for news about drone warfare in Pakistan, a US drone strike kills a top militant.

Guantanamo Will Stay Open: Obama threatened to veto the military's annual budget bill, which keeps indefinite detention prison Guantanamo open. But then he signed it anyway.

Phew! Hilary Clinton is out of the hospital after being treated for a blood clot.

Sandy Hooks Kids Return to School: For the first time since last month's horrific shooting, the students of Sandy Hook are heading back to class, but in a new school building.

Senate Investigates Zero Dark Thirty: The new film about hunting Osama Bin Laden couldn't get better promotion from the government—now Senators are digging into CIA connections with the filmmakers.

Fiscal Cliff Deal Nibbled Our Paychecks: The financial deal did not extend the payroll tax cut, so workers will pay slightly more in taxes from each paycheck than we did last year.

How Much is Twitter Worth? Number crunchers guess $11 billion.

Corrupt Cops in the Drug Wars: Four drug enforcement officers on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border have been accused of actually helping out the drug cartels.

Wait, You Can't Trust in Five-Hour Energy?! The energy shot's "no crash" claims may be bunk. What is the world coming to?

Keep it Fresh: Americans say they're eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than they did five years ago. They may or may not be lying.

Bus Crashes at "Deadman's Pass," A charter bus careened off the road near Pendleton, killing nine people in the worst traffic crash in Oregon in 40 years.