Tanks Roll Into Cairo: President Morsi orders tanks into the streets to block and intimidate protesters—but many of his aides quit in protest themselves.

Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage: On the first day gay Washingtonians can apply for marriage licenses, 53 percent of Americans say they support same-sex marriage.

Cutting Edge Condom Technology: Researchers are making an astounding new female condom "electrospun" from fibers that will protect against HIV and pregnancy, then melt away.

An American Mac: The CEO of Apple says the company will move production of one computer line to the US next year.

Voice of Elmo Accusers Go Public: Two men who say puppeteer Kevin Clash had sex with them while they were teens tell their whole story.

John McAfee Found! The millionaire software developer and potentially crazy person on the run in Belize, John McAfee, has finally been arrested.

The Rise of "Ransomware." The new way to punish people who owns PCs is to lock their computer with a virus, then demand money to unfreeze it.

Quitter: Republican Senator Jim DeMint quits his job to go run a think tank.

Cops Shooting People After High-Speed Cases: Will this ever end?

Hunger Strike Victory! A human rights lawyer imprisoned in Iran has actually won her demands from the government.

Mount St Helens Sure is Scenic... the perfect scenic location for a copper mine!

There is No God. Pizza Hut has a perfume. And it's popular.