The End of Minority: According to the new Census data, there will be no ethnic majority in America very soon.

Remembering the Clackamas Shooting Victims: Both Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth were beloved by their friends and family.

Rebels Gaining Ground in Syria: The Russian government predicts that Syria's current leaders are barely holding on.

Long-Needed Tighter Regulation of Banks... now coming to Europe. Damn those forward-thinkers!

If Climate Change Continues, We Won't Be Able to Ski: How to get rich people to care about global warming.

Oh Wait: We can just spend millions on making snow.

OMGOLDENGLOBES!! Movie award season rolls out with a pile of praise for Daniel Day-Lewis.

More Unreported Sex Abuse: Officials at a fancy Orthodox Jewish university in New York are accused of covering up abuse for years.

Attention People with iPhones: You will be able to enter the world of functional maps now.

And in Good News: A monkey adopts a kitten.