As Israel promises a yet-to-come "significant expansion" of its Gaza Strip offensive, the fifth day of the current, apparently still narrowly focused attack is among the deadliest yet: One strike at a home, aiming for a militant tied to recent Hamas rocket attacks, killed several small children. More than 50 civilians have died so far.

President Obama is making some noise about the mounting civilian death toll. But, while also warning that the crisis could quash the impossible dream of a mutually palatable solution to the Palestine question, said Israel has the right to respond with force when its borders are violated.

The airstrikes have largely destroyed
, according to Israeli intelligence officials, Hamas' growing stockpile of high-tech Iranian short-range missiles—smuggled in through Sudan and Egypt and then a honeycomb of Gaza border tunnels in the Sinai Desert. The missiles, capable of striking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, represent a significant upgrade from Hamas' usual supply of ramshackle rockets.

Civilians besieged on both sides of the conflict have a new friend: hacker collective Anonymous.

Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter and marveled aloud that he loves Israel more than the Jews who, he says, control rival news outlets.

And now, because only two things are happening in the world this weekend, here's another story about the Petraeus smut scandal, except it's relevant because it's about how the FBI wields its surprisingly widespread powers of electronic surveillance.

And one more! This time about the "imperial trappings" of life as a top military officer.

Nepotism, patronage, and mediocrity haunt China's Communist Party just like every other powerful and entrenched organization on earth.

Goodwill happens upon an etching by Salvador Dali and manages not to junk it/sell it in a cheap frame for $4.

A recently re-elected district attorney
in upstate New York admits to lying about his past life, 40 years ago, as actor "Gus Thomas," star of films like Deep Throat Part II, Bedroom Bedlam, and Doctor's Teenage Dilemma.

Some local sports news some of you people who dress in special colors on Saturdays, like maybe green and yellow, will care about.