Over 18,000 Indonesians forced to leave their homes due to severe flooding in Jakarta, at least 15 dead. More rainfall is projected. Eight percent of Jakarta is under water, although 41 percent of Jakarta is below sea level already making it prone to flooding.

Hostage crisis in Algeria ended, at least 14 gas plant employees still unaccounted for, 7 hostages have been killed, 16 released, and 15 burned bodies have been found at the desert gas plant. The situation started when militants targeted a gas plant jointly run by Algeria's state oil company and Britain's BP because Algeria was allowing French forces to use its airspace in attacks against Islamist militants in Mali. Algeria is Africa's largest natural gas producer and a major supplier of natural gas to Europe.

A man with a record of "drug possession, robberies, and hooliganism" pulled a gas gun on the the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, an ethnic Turkish party as he was speaking in Bulgaria today. The MRF party represents ethnic Turks and Muslims, about 12 percent of Bulgaria's population.

Dueling national protests this weekend for and against gun control. Pro-gun advocates will march on state capitols across the country in protest of the new federal gun control measures. On Sunday gun-control advocates will hold a National Gun Prevention Sabbath where people who have lost loved ones to gun violence can display photographs in houses of worship. Already there have been reports of a man walking around the 5300 block of SW Patton Rd with a rifle.

Meanwhile therapists are concerned that new laws aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill will cause doctor-patient confidentiality conflict. One therapist noted that "many patients express some idea of harm to other people." Therapists in New York that don't report the violent thoughts of their patients that end up causing harm will face legal action. Some think that this will discourage those that really need mental health services from seeking help.

Bolshoi ballet director attacked by acid to the face will need another operation, it is unclear whether or not sight in his left eye can be saved. The attack was likely the result of jealousy over casting for star roles.

And of course this all can be explained through the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. A Moon-Jupiter conjunction generally implies elevated moods and can be a positive time. Also when the moon is in Taurus people can motivated by the desire for peace and serenity but, in our desire to gain comfort, can be inclined to stubbornness. Generally Jupiter in Taurus, an Earth sign, means more stability, but also a desire for a deeper understanding. So perhaps these events will help us to get a deeper understanding of humanity and lead to peace, or perhaps it's all BS.

Breaking news! Snowflakes are beautiful. Here are some pictures of them.

And yet there is hope for the world.