"This Time, the Words Need to Lead to Action." Obama promises to push concrete gun control reforms.

Many Gun Owners Say... gun control doesn't stand a chance.

NYSE 4 SALE: The New York Stock Exchange is sold to an Atlanta company which promises to make it more high-tech.

First Lady: South Korea elects its first female president in a hotly contested election.

Death Penalty Sought for Soldier: The US soldier who senselessly slaughtered 16 civilians in Afghanistan is heading to trial.

Fired, Fired, Fired, and Fired: Four State Department are out of their jobs after a scathing report is released on Benghazi.

Kodak Resurrection: Apple and Google are snapping up Kodak patents. Big plans, guys?

A Heartwarming Story of Trash: In Paraguay, a guy is making instruments for kids out of things he finds in a landfill.

Meanwhile, in Canada: Police nab thief who ripped off a powerful maple syrup cartel.

• Worried? Email NASA! That's what thousands of people have been doing, anyway.
China arrested 1,000 people in a Doomsday cult. Good thing they'll only be in jail till Friday, I guess.
This lady needs to have sex with someone before the world ends, please.