Close Guantanamo. A big new report by the government says that Guantanamo could be safely closed and its inmates absorbed into US prisons. Meanwhile, the suicide of another detainee held for years is under investigation.

Fast Food Strike! To launch a campaign to unionize fast food workers, McDonalds staffers and other burger-flippers are on strike today.

There is No Internet... in Syria, where the internet appears to be down across the whole country.

Egypt May Soon Get a Constitution: Amid massive protests of Egypt's president, the government is close to drafting a constitution.

Is Now the Time for Gun Law Reform? Obama could expend some of his political capital making Americans safer from guns and people who love guns.

Awww.... A heartwarming story about a police officer in New York buying new boots for a homeless guy.

Sweden! Where Ladies Love Nerf. A Swedish toy catalogue swaps gender roles for kids, featuring boys playing with dolls and girls playing with Nerf guns (which are a way better toy, anyway).

Shut Down the Ports! A strike of port clerks in Long Beach has crippled the nation's busiest port.

Is it Worth $5 Million to Fire A Coach? Unsuccessful college football coaches can demand huge sums of money if they're fired. What a racket!

Well, That's Embarrassing: Lindsey Lohan was arrested for punching a woman in the face after attending a Justin Bieber concert. This isn't gonna look good for the courts in LA, where she's also being charged with lying to police.

The Wizard is Real: Catching up with the big-money kids on the pro-video game playing circuit.

Nerd Alert: JRR Tolkien also had a fine hand at drawing them Hobbits.

Bookdrunk: Powell's and Rogue are brewing a White Whale Ale, with pages of Moby Dick stewed into the brewing vat.