You walked into to my Optical shop, looking like a nice enough older gentleman but the first words out of your mouth were "You must be one of those gun people". Stunned, I had to ask you to repeat your idiocracy. When I realized you were referring to the pamphlet of Rudy Project Tactical Sunglasses with 4 United States soldiers holding guns I became aware of how stupid you really are. Guess what asshole, I have a 5 year old in a school just like Newtown, CT, so NO I am not for guns in the hands of maniacs. But you know what just because you are such a douchebag I am going to remind you that those weapons are in appropriate hands. So fuck off, fight your battle with someone else, not me, a well dressed closet ecohippie whose greatest offense is chaining myself to an old growth tree! Get a life and stop judging you crusty fart.