You've probably gotten the big Halloween parties out of the way this past weekend, but what are you doing on the actual night of Halloween? Don't forget about Ear Candy, the brand-new series of live local music that we're hosting in partnership with Mississippi Studios. The first one is this Thursday—Halloween night—and it's the best place to get a sackful of (Ear) Candy for free!

That's right, it's a free show, and for the inaugural Ear Candy, we've picked a couple GREAT bands. It just so happens that both bands' names fit into the theme of Halloween, but that's not why we picked 'em.

Spookies make supremely catchy, pop-tastic rock 'n' roll from a place where melody reigns supreme. Their excellent VCR EP is lo-fi jingle-jangle power pop at its finest. Many of their songs blast by in two minutes flat, but here's them stretching out on the excellent "Love Letter to Nick."

Big Haunt is aptly named, however. Their music is moody, stormy, and dark—with elements of folk but none of the traditional instrumentation. Take a listen to "Burn Me Up," a funeral ballad with an ominous undercurrent and a sense of grace and purpose.

See you at Ear Candy this Thursday! Bring a costume if you're so inclined—and bring your pals, 'cause this thing's totally free. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, Thurs Oct 31, 9 pm, FREE, Facebook event here