Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. The Parks Bureau determined that after 9 years of Hempstalk bad behavior that it was time to deny the application of this ragtag bunch of bohos. They appeal the denial to Council. Council upholds the denial but asks the Parks Bureau to identify another date at Waterfront Park, one of the the top 10 destination venues on the west coast, so they can apply again. OK. So I own a house and my tenants like to smash holes in the walls. After 9 years of watching them smash holes in the walls I decide it would be best to move them to another one of my properties because they said "we'll be good this time". Sure. My other magical house is going to change their behavior. This is a perfect example of slipping the turd in the other guy's pocket. Good luck Central Precinct.What on earth is going through Charlie Hales head. Does no one remember the way this event treated Waterfront in 2006? In a just and civilized world the earth would open up and swallow that poor park to save it from this lamentable abuse.