Dude. I get that you want to bag and tag a whole lot of spices from the bulk spice section. Your amount of labeled bags ready to go told volumes of your agenda(s).

You are so super creative. You make your fancy hippy feasts for the other smelly steam punks in your shared household circle of life.

Got it.

All I wanted was enough fine ground pepper to fill my shaker. I let you have the spice zone for about 7 minutes before I swarmed in to tell you what's really up!

I said "hey man, I just want to get some pepper, do you mind me getting into your special herb gathering for a moment"

You said: it's a free world man.

I pointed out the lack of prep space as there was none. Your labeled bags were everywhere....

You said : well I was here first.

I said: you are right but for fucks sake, I'm going to be gone in 3 seconds.

You said: fuckers like you! Always in a hurry! Makes me soo goddamn pissed off.

I spun on my heels with my pepper and bailed. I told the management on my way out and they seem to already know all about you. Next time I have to encounter your dumb ass culinary excursion, I'm gonna kick you in the neck. Bitch.