He cradles the ball like he cradled our hearts. And then...
  • He cradles the ball like he cradled our hearts. And then...

This last week has been weird, in that large numbers of Portlanders, who already have a weird, complicated relationship with their basketball team, went all ex-boyfriend mode on retired (then un-retired) Blazer Brandon Roy. Seriously, large contingents of the Blazers community are acting like dudes going to the club, or the mall, hearing from friends that their ex is gonna be there, and then diving into puddles of adolescent emotion all the way up to the armpits.


"So what if he's gonna be there. It's no big deal. He's just a guy now. Yeah, there were good times, but its not like I lay down sometimes, head heavy with memories, slowly tracing the shape of his face with my finger as I stare longingly at this picture on my nightstand, hoping that the ensuing sleep will return him to my dreams. Whatever, it's no big—OH SHIT WHAT? He can't make it? He's not gonna be there? Aww, man. That's - I just dug my old All-Star jersey out of the closet, too. Had my good foam finger laid out on the bed and everything. Whatever. I probably wasn't even gonna watch the game anyway."

Meanwhile Timberwolves star Kevin Love, who is actually from Oregon, is like:


"Hey, guys! I'm coming back home too! Remember me? The Lake Oswego Lakers? I was pretty good? Isn't anyone excited to see me come back to the place I grew up?"


"Shut up, Kevin, Lake Oswego doesn't even count."


So if you didn't get your fill of awkward emotion and uncomfortable interaction yesterday, join me tonight, right here on Blogtown, for some Hot Live Blog Action when the Timberwolves take on the Blazers at 7pm.