Can't people taste the drunken hatred that you ooze towards all people except the few who, through their own sad need to be liked by everyone, put up with your negativity just to feel like they're in the club? All the newsprint in Portland, all the reviews and awards, can't change the fact that you are locked in a prison of your own making. I feel sorry for you. People may like your food, and they may even think they like you because they are allowed to be a part of the hot new place, but if they really knew you, they'd feel revulsion. Being nice isn't a weakness. Being decent to the people who work for you, who care about your business, does not mean you're being taken advantage of. Rather, your bartenders who drink a bottle of whiskey every two days between the two of them are a liability. Your servers who get along with you can't do their basic job. I've seen what the people you abuse do in the prep kitchen with the kale. You can't pay a manager enough who can a) put up with your shit and b) actually manage. Good luck paying people to brown-nose you and put up with your abuse while your business falls apart.