Is it time to panic yet? YES, IT IS! Because tomorrow (Friday, Dec 7) (Saturday, Dec 8) at 3 pm, the Mercury Cover Art Charity Auction comes to an end! I'm sure you want to help critically needy kids get life-changing art supplies and instruction from our auction's beneficiaries, the Children's Healing Art Program (CHAP), am I right? THEN BID NOW AND BID BIG on the fantastic pieces of art that first made their debut on the cover of the Mercury!

Such as... this one!

  • Artist: Stevie Gee

Tiger! Rrrrowrrr! The perfect piece for those who love the fast lane, this super sexy and fun illustration was penned by wickedly stylish artist Stevie Gee for the May 17th, 2010 issue (Vol. 12, No. 52) of the Mercury. Hang it anywhere you want people to know you're a bad ass.

And currently, it's only $46.67!! Goddammit, that's CHEAP! Do you know how much good, high-quality art costs these days? And there are plenty more deals for you to snap up... but you gotta move FAST. As previously noted, all bidding ends tomorrow—so if you want to help some sweet, needy kids, and score a fantastic gift for a loved one (or you), BID NOW IN THE MERCURY COVER ART CHARITY AUCTION!