Why won't Americans wake up and realize that America is becoming more and more like a police state? Now they are coming for our guns!! Seriously what the Hell are the troops fighting for when we keep LOSING OUR FREEDOMS!!! Yeah! Its about time someone said that by the way! Here it is the President is all emotional over Sandy Hook but hasn't shed a tear for all those innocent American children he has killed overseas with his illegal drone use. Can we say, "lying fascist hypocrit!!" This same President who has dropped more bombs than any Nobel peace Prize winner ever in history now wants my guns!? Can we say, 'Lying fascist hypsocrit!!" Guns are suppose to protect us from a neo nazi tyranical government. Like the one we have now. SHEEP! Did you know that silly? Gun control is illegal in this country. Wow imagine that. A well armed society is a polite society. See? End of argument!