My girlfriend and I work for Mike Thrasher, we staple posters so you know what bands are coming. When it gets hot I take off my jacket or vest and put it in our 4 wheel drive Radio Flyer we use to hang posters.
I was no longer hot so I went to get my denim vest and it was gone. Everyone knows us and the vest I mean. The one with the Judas Priest British Steele back patch and the name TYRANT over the chest pocket. Of course it also has patches of Slayer,venom,Iron Maiden, Wiley coyote,T bone steak, A mushroom, Sinner, Zombie, and the band SLUT BUCKET written in paint pen on the pocketNOt only did you steal my vest but also the 1.000. dollars in my pocket we were going to buy her car with and my wallet,
What an asshole! do you really think you can wear it around town? and after finding a thousand dollars in the pocket, why didn't you simply, put it in a mail box or something .. ever heard of craigslist ???
Not only am I Screaming for Vengance, but if I see you wearing my vest, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll !!