This blog & its friendly commentors have taught me so much about how to be a good, Portland human.
i can have a dog, i should just never inflict its presence on the precious population. i also should never leave it at home alone. So, i should not have a dog.
i should ride a bike, but i should not get in the way of ~ cars, people, squirrels & other bike riders. So, i should not ride a bike.
No one should ever have children. There is just no excuse for the evil that are little babies.
There is also no excuse for having a tattoo, or for not leaving a $100 tip on a $10 tab.
And i should not be poor & dare to complain about rent & jobs & stuff. Just because. i should also not be white, or black, young or old, male or female. Well, on that note, i had also better know all of the various terms that specific transgender individuals ~ gender fluid, etc. happen to go by. At any given second of the day.
This is such an awesome world! And i would like to die now. Thanks kids.