My female friends are real good ones until they pair up: with total shit bags every time. I know this will sound sexist, and you may say I am biased, but fuck you. Why are you ladies dating total losers? What's in it for you? I know women who are smart, kind, funny, creative, and they accept guys who hinder them in every realm... and then they disappear from healthy friendships. My female friends date men who don't work, or barely work (and they support them) don't engage them mentally, don't contribute to the household, treat their kids like strangers, and are socially retarded. Women would never, ever tolerate these slugs as female friends. But they get a mamma and a maid in return. I am so tired of watching my friends settle for mutants who need their food chewed for them. It is about time that these men identify as the adult babies that they are.