I know it's awkward not knowing what to say & all that, but having cancer can be enough of a bitch without all of my friends disappearing at once, leaving my bald & cancerous ass in bed alone while imagining all of the parties & shows & life that everyone is having without me.

Here's an idea for those of you with sick friends- text them, call them, visit them. Ask if you can bring anything or if they need anything. Do they need help with groceries & errands? Are they getting enough to eat & drink? Do they need company or to be left alone? Are they by themselves most of the time? If so, is it by choice? Want to watch a DVD together? Need more pain meds? Can I stop by & tidy your place for you since you probably can't do it yourself? Are your pets ok? Got anyone walking your dog for you? Are you scared of dying & do you need to talk to anyone about it? Need to feel like anyone cares if you do die or not?

I have a very busy friend who texts me once a week to let me know she hasn't forgotten me & to ask how I am. That she does that means more to me than anything.

Don't disappear. It makes us sick people feel the world has forgotten us. A little attention makes an enormous difference.