Why won't my posts show up? I comment on I, Anon and other things here and my posts never show. Am I not good enough for you? Did I fail some test? Do I have to wait for DamosA to approve of me? Or to threaten me?

Why won't you let me post? I have been lurking here for months and have posted good bad and crazy ass stuff and nothing works. I could try and post more literate prose, I could try to post funnier posts. I will do what ever you want me to just please let me participate in your wonderful silly funny online forum for mal-contents and lazy ass hipsters.

Am I too old for the likes of you? Am I too Portland? I am from here, is that the problem? I moved away for a spell but now I am back I lived in Hawaii for 17 years is that why you won't let me in?

Oh please please let me in!

Do you not like my login name? I will change it! Do you not like my snarkiness? Am I not snarky enough? Is it because I won't drink beer? I'm an alcoholic and it isn't good for anyone if I start drinking again...

Please let me in!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We have absolutely no idea what you're talking about... which is pretty much par for the course for everyone who submits to the I, Anonymous Blog. Soooo... be happy, I guess?]